Mike Collins, a financial adviser, says that you shouldn’t sell your home privately. Here’s why.

You may think you can save loads of time and money by selling your home privately, rather than with an estate agent.

However, Mike Collins Mortgage Expert – who has more than 17 years of financial experience – says the burden isn’t worth it.

Here are a few ways that an agent could have the upper hand on the private seller.

They do it all the time

Estate agents are seasoned sellers. They sell daily. They buy homes every day. Selling your home will not give you a better estimate of its worth.

They spend hours compiling portfolios to share with potential buyers what they might be able to achieve for their house. Remember that the higher the value you offer, the greater the deposit you’ll need to pay for your next property.

Poor judgement could lead to the house being sold in a hurry or for too much. Be sure to trust the experts because they will appraise your home in a fair and competitive manner for today’s unstable market.

They’re a great way to introduce people to the area

Would you rather not to be present when potential buyers visit your home?

If you have noisy neighbours or a parking nightmare as the primary reasons for wanting to leave your home, you’ll need your most professional appearance when potential buyers knock at the door.

Sell privately and you’ll be the person who shows potential buyers around your property and also responding to any questions that are awkward from prospective buyers.

A good estate agent will make sure they are focusing on the positive aspects of your house and the local amenities.

They are familiar with the requirements for documentation

Make it easier to plan selling your house by making sure that you have all the necessary documents in place.

If your chains are at risk of breaking, they should contact conveyancing solicitors to speed up the procedure. They’ve dealt with thousands of sales like ones you have, and they’ll assist you in the process without causing any problems.

They can advertise your property

It’s not the best idea to announce to your Facebook followers that you are selling your home. The appropriate audience should be informed.

Estate agents keep all the major platforms updated to ensure your property is visible to phones of those seeking homes similar to yours.

They also make great photos that will entice people to browse at, and there will be many questions as soon as the sale forms are filled out.

They don’t feel any emotional connection

You might think that you’re in the right But how calm are you in being calm when dealing with a potential seller when the boiler isn’t working? This is a costly piece of equipment to replace and add to the property’s price.

Having an agent act as a negotiator, and address your concerns to the seller is a good way to save you getting angry over the sale.

If you don’t think repairs are necessary, an agent can modify the offer to meet your needs. This can save you time and money.