As preference for sustainable packing continues to grow and with the global banding machine market forecast to grow 1.6 times the current market value in the next ten years[i], Jenton International returns to The Print Show 2022 with its most extensive banding machine range to-date. All engineered to minimise primary packaging, reduce the use of shrink wrap, replace rubber bands and keep packs stable during shipping.

The first UK company to sell a banding machine in the UK in 1980, Jenton International reports that the record e-commerce and print-on-demand personalisation boom is opening up more opportunities for print suppliers to adopt more sustainable packaging concepts. From plain options to professionally- branded bands that also provide an extra advertising medium. For instance, removing the packaging sleeves on greetings cards, replacing with resource-saving paper bands featuring easily removable pricing, barcodes, celebratory messages and special offers.

With ‘diversification opportunities’ the theme of this year’s Print Show, Jenton will showcase why no guillotine, print finishing, graphic business, or on-line and drop-shipping print e-fulfilment platforms are complete without a flexible, reliable and user-friendly Jenton banding machine. The company will also demonstrate for the first time the 100% plastic free banding options, including the very latest sustainable paper coatings coming to market that are compostable, recyclable and eco-friendly.

As well as bundling, counting, banding and stacking print items that can easily get misaligned, for example paper reams, envelopes, tickets, leaflets, brochures, currency, photographs, maps etc, Jenton banding machines can also be used to secure rolled posters, photographs and wrapping paper. Preventing them from expanding and getting damaged when removing from packaging tubes.

Featured on Stand P98 is the ATS MS 420 table top banding machine. Collating sensitive products up to A3 size at 26 cycles p/m this heat seal machine requires no warm up time. Eliminating the risk of burn-related injuries on operatives.

Jenton also showcases its own heat seal BANDIT® range. Available in three sizes, the Bandit 240-30 machine on display can be used to band different print finishing applications with a 240mm cross section dimension. Banding tension automatically adjusts to the product feed, and a patented tape guide feeds 30 or 50mm wide tape at 25 cycles p/m without human intervention.  Delivering consistent presentation and secure tamper evident banding.

Machines can be bench mounted or floor standing, with semi or fully automated options.  Visitors are invited to bring any product application to the Jenton stand (P98) for a free demo.

Achieve high definition print finishes with JentonUV

Revolutionising the speed of print curing and to enhance print quality on a range of decorated items, JentonUV will also present its environmentally-friendly UV conveyors, UV curing systems and UV measurement systems.

Improving print turnaround times, ink dispersion and helping to retain the depth of ink quality, conventional arc lamps and systems are available as well as the latest LED cure options.  For the most accurate process control, Jenton also presents EIT UV radiometers.

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