A tagline is a short and memorable phrase that marketing campaigns use to convey the value of a brand and its products and services. Before you create one for your business, learn about their purpose and why they’re so effective. Keep reading to find out more.

What is tagline advertising?

By definition, a tagline is a brief describer used in marketing campaigns to communicate the unique value of a brand and its services. In short, the goal of a tagline is to leave customers with a lasting impression of the brand that is positive.

Businesses use marketing campaigns when they launch new services or want to reinvent themselves. The goals of these campaigns are to convey a promotional message to your target market. A tagline is designed to convey the value of a brand promoted in marketing campaigns and to encourage consumers to form a positive association with the brand.

Once a business creates a tagline, it can be used in any kind of marketing campaign, whether that’s print, digital or anything in between.

Why taglines are important and why they’re so effective

A carefully thought up tagline can bring a lot of benefits to your business and your branding. They reinforce your brand’s ideas and allow your audience to connect with your message to a greater extent. Many businesses are recognised by their taglines alone, so taglines can really have an impact on your business’s success. Here are some reasons why they’re so effective:

They set you apart from the competition

Like it or not, other businesses are going to be selling something that is very similar to yours, so you will both be competing in the marketing for the same customers. If you want to differentiate your brand, one of the best things you can do is create a tagline that’s memorable.

An example of clever tagline advertising  would be Nike. There are tons of companies who sell the same products as Nike, but their tagline ‘Just Do It’ sets them apart from the competition, and leaves a lasting impression.

They give information about your business

A tagline is accountable for giving information about the product or service you’re selling. This makes customers aware of what you’re offering and how it is different from those who may be offering similar things.

It gives consumers an idea of what you do by capturing the thing that makes you different to your competitors. Customers like doing business with people who they can identify with, and so, when they look at your company, they want to be able to know what you stand for.

They reinforce your brand identity

When people see or hear your tagline they’ll be receiving a consistent message from your brand which constantly reinforces your unique selling point. This will also ensure that customers view your business as one they can trust and value.

Customers will be able to recognise your brand by its tagline alone – with time. When you hear ‘I’m loving it,’ you don’t need to see the McDonald’s branding to know it’s that which is being advertised.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about what tagline advertising is, what it brings to your marketing strategy, and what makes it so effective.