Small business owners may think that out-of-home (OOH) advertising is for the larger companies. However, the reality is that even a small company can make a big impact by using OOH as part of their strategy. Whatever business you are running, here is why small businesses should consider out-of-home advertising in their marketing plan.

It Can Trigger an Instant Response

One of the best things about the world today is that we are all connected in some way. Almost everyone now has a mobile phone or access to the internet.

This means that OOH advertising can lead to an immediate response by someone pulling out their phone and checking your website.

Very few advertising avenues can do this in the same way as OOH, so it should be an option for your marketing team.

You Can Choose Your best Location

Modern roadside advertising now has the ability to target people in more ways than ever before.

By using GPS and WiFi, OOH displays know when people are seeing your ad, and what demographic they fit into.

This type of targeted advertising is a powerful tool for those companies that are trying to develop their brand and reach certain people.

OOH is Good Value For Money

Many companies think that OOH advertising is expensive, however, this is not the case. The average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is less than other types of advertising. The average CPM for OOH in the UK was £3.35 in 2016, which is far less than other countries.

When you add the cost of online or physical publications, the cost of OOH becomes a reasonable alternative for any business.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Modern OOH uses digital displays called digital out-of-home (DOOH) which have more functionality and flexibility.

With DOOH you can adjust your ads to match changing conditions and events near to the display.

If there is an entertainment event near to a display showing your ads, then you can change it to suit your needs and to attract the demographic that may be attending.

Another plus is that you can change or cancel your ads at any time with short notice and usually without any fees.

You Can Tap into a Captive Audience

Although many OOH and DOOH displays are by the roadside or on large boards, there are also some that offer a regular audience such as bus stops and shopping centres.

These locations will see a lot of people passing by and many of them will be waiting around for a while. This gives your advertising greater exposure and more impressions.

Adding interactive displays to these locations will also increase interactivity and may lead to more clicks to your website and purchases.


With advertising becoming a big part of growing a company, you want to use media that will give you the best return for your money. With OOH and DOOH, you have the opportunity to reach more people in a natural way that has been seen to cause greater interaction.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about why small businesses should consider OOH advertising in their marketing plan.