Since more people purchase online, the likelihood of obtaining knockoff goods increases. How might the use of QR codes aid in eradicating this issue and recouping the profit loss that legitimate firms are currently experiencing due to the 50 percent off deals made by counterfeit product sellers?

With COVID-19 now limiting people’s ability to shop for individual and company needs, physical shopping has led to internet purchasing.

However, as internet shopping becomes more convenient for customers, the risks of doing so grow.

Online shopping poses one challenge to lawful small and large companies: trading fake items in top-performing e-commerce portals.

Businesses use a variety of technology product identification procedures to combat the prevalent sale of counterfeit products online. One of the technological methods they are considering is QR code software.

How to make a QR code for product authentication?

Since product counterfeiting is an unfathomable corporate foe that many companies continue to battle with, authenticating the products they produce is the only way for businesses to secure the sales of the items they sell.

As this ensures that their customers buy the right product, many companies are now future-proofing their product authentication. With QR codes as one of the processes they consider, here are the following steps to make their QR code for their product authentication means.

  1. Open and register for an account from a QR code generator with logo online.

When choosing a QR code generator online, you must first ensure that the QR code maker can produce substantial QR codes and protect your data from malware and viruses.

  1. Download the CSV template from the Bulk QR tab.

To save time, instead of manually producing one QR code at a time, go to the bulk QR tab of the QR code generator and download the CSV file to use as a guide when integrating bulk QR code data.

  1. Make a CSV file with serial numbers for your product verification site.

To build strong product authentication QR codes, first, develop a CSV file of your product that includes the authentication site and serial numbers. When you’re finished, proceed by uploading the file.

  1. Create your QR code.

Continue generating QR codes in bulk after ensuring that the QR code generator is valid and accepts your uploaded CSV file.

  1. Customize your QR code design and test it to see if it works.

You can personalize your QR code design by selecting one of the layouts provided by the QR code creator or by creating your own by choosing from a variety of patterns, colors, and eye shapes. You can also add a statement of intent and attach your logo to make your QR code look more professional.

  1. Download in SVG format and include it in your product packaging.

Because you will be placing these codes in product packaging, downloading your QR codes is recommended to maintain the picture quality of the QR code even after it has been resized to the size needed.

Why are QR codes used?

Because QR codes are widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic, incorporating them into deploying a failsafe product authentication process can provide three significant benefits to businesses and consumers.

  1. Customers have easy access to it.

Many brands lose records of purchases they have sold due to the multi-step product authentication process. On the other hand, customers will only need to scan the QR code to be directed to the item verification page and complete the necessary procedure to determine its one-time item verification process.

Streamlining the product authentication process, innovative systems replace the cumbersome multi-step verification with a simple QR code scan, allowing customers to effortlessly access the item verification page, complete the necessary procedure, and even enjoy the convenience of pay at the table services.

  1. It is simple to create and implement.

With today’s technological integrations, it’s easier to plan and create product verification prompts with QR codes than with other authentication methods. Businesses will no longer have to manually create QR codes thanks to the presence of the bulk QR code solutions.

  1. Provides one-of-a-kind QR code visuals

QR codes do not all have the same visuals. The visuals of the QR codes will be distinct from one another, especially if the product’s serial number is included. As a result, counterfeiters will have difficulty replicating the product authentication QR code.


Counterfeiting is one of the primary reasons legal businesses are losing money in the business world. Since counterfeit products outsell genuine ones, the availability of safe and high-quality products decreases.

As a result, legitimate businesses incorporate a QR code generator to simplify product authentication for buyers while ensuring a secure and tight product verification system.