Several Clermont, Minneola, and Orlando homeowners who were given the lawsuit against Robert Mafes, the owner of HVAC Global Cooling from Clermont, Florida, were outraged at the cruelty of Robert Mafes. They were further disturbed by the fact that Robert Mafes tried to extort the family from Israel, and their home functions as a ministry which is now without proper AC.

As one of the homeowners stated “I wish to be a juror in this trial and award the Jewish family $10 million. I wish to express my dismay from such contractors like Global Cooling and Robert Mafes who use AC services to extort.” 

Another woman we interviewed said, “How dare Robert Mafes act like this on the eve of Thanksgiving and leave the kids in the 60 degree nights without AC?”

Johnny R. said “I admire the Jewish family standing up to the bully Robert Mafes. After reading the exhibits, I would strike Robert Mafes with four million dollars worth of punitive damages.” 

HVAC Global Cooling and Robet Mafes Are Accused of Civil Theft

Most recently Robert Mafes was prepared to install the motor to fix the AC for the family on the eve of Thanksgiving but rather than enter the family’s house and install it, Robert Mafes refused to install it, and has stated his position that notwithstanding the express and implied warranties he is bound by, he will not agree to install the motor unless and until the the family from the Holy Land agrees to release Global Cooling and/or Rob Mafes for all damages, whether direct or indirect. Said demand is unreasonable, unconscionable, and acts, in a civil sense, in extorting the family on Thanksgiving eve when temperatures at night varied to the 40’s.

The father of the family, being a minister and believing in God and served in the Israeli military, refused to cave in to extortion by Robet Mafes and the family remains without air conditioning now for several weeks, all the while the replacement part sits on the Robert Mafes desk as a method to extract releases for work that is bound otherwise contractually and by express and implied warranties to the family by the Global Cooling family.

The lawsuit further reads: Such action by Global Cooling company and Robert Mafes deprives the family of work and ministry worship that they are otherwise legally entitled to, and the continuing deprivation thereof by Robert Mafes constitutes a civil theft entitling the family and the Ministry to triple damages.   

Be careful of AC Scams
Be careful of AC Scams

How to Spot Poor HVAC Work & Contractors

If you can find an independent contractor or someone you know to fix your HVAC system, they might do a great job! There is also the possibility that the work done won’t last. A lot of times we see someone buy a part for their system, install it and everything is great. Come a week, two weeks later, the system stops working again and what would you know, it’s the same problem! You followed the YouTube video to a T and still something is not right. This is VERY common when it comes to HVAC work.

Why is this so common? Well, for one it’s usually less expensive than your typical licensed HVAC company.

The phrase “you get what you pay for” could not be any truer. There is value in choosing the right contractor and we want to educate you so you don’t end up spending more money than you have to!

Why Chose a Professional?

  • Certifications. ALWAYS ensure that the person working on your HVAC system has the proper certifications to do the work needed. The reason being, is that when it comes to your furnace, everything needs to be sealed and lit properly in order to prevent fire, carbon monoxide leakage, etc.. On the air conditioning side of things, you’d need to make sure that pressures are correct to avoid system failure, and make sure that no refrigerant leaks out.

Many people are “okay” with doing things halfway right. Certifications ensure that the professional you chose won’t leave your system halfway wrong. It is also good on the legal side of things. If anything were to go wrong or to get inspected, the person would be able to be legally held liable.


  • Training and experience go hand in hand. Some questions to ask yourself would be: Is this technician independent or does he work for a company? How long has he been with them? What are others saying about their work? If you can’t find this information, it’s possible they don’t want you to know for a reason.

For example, HVAC Experts technicians are all drug tested, background checked and have been fully trained. Technicians have to pass tests and tasks before they are even allowed in the field. That way, you know you have a reputable, trustworthy expert at your door.

Being Pushy

  • Too often you get those contractors who tell you something needs to be fixed immediately. More often than not, you do need to do the repair to ensure a working system. Some people are trying to make a quick buck. It is always a smart move to ask the technician to educate you on why that part is so dire to your system. If you ever feel like you’re being pushed too much, it might be good to get a second opinion from a company that isn’t going to sell you something you don’t need.

With HVAC Experts, you will always get a list of repairs you must do, could do and should do. Repairs that need to be done in order to get your system working will be in the “must do” suggestion box. We often leave suggestions for maybe say a coil cleaning. A dirty coil can often lead to system failures so this would probably be left in the “could do” category. A filter change is often a “should do” task. Whether these tasks need to be done is completely up to the valued customer’s discretion.