It’s good to have you on board for the mind relaxation activity as newcomers label it that way. Your amazement will be doubled when you realize that it’s not only your brain getting soothed but every cell of your body. The key behind such a stage of realization is honest consistency and reciprocity in your routine life.

Being a yoga newbie, it’s a condition of excitement with restlessness. That’s all ok because every first step towards an adventurous exploration gives a goosebump. Even though you have expected an array of happenings during your yoga journey, you must be mentally prepared for, let me generalize the term, pain. Pain that will encounter you in the form of change. Be it metabolic, physical, mental, emotional, even chemical change. And if you are from those who fear change, you still have time to make up your mind and let go of that fear.

So, yoga is commonly pictured as a person sitting on the ground with legs cross-folded on one another, arms raised 90° up to the head with palms lightly touching each other. This is what’s apparent to you. But inside, there are spiritual functions, chemical releases, psychological & physiological operations taking place. It sounds a bit supernatural but not every yogi experiences that. Things that are invisible to the human eye can be felt with varying magnitude. That’s why meditation seldom works in the same way for people.

Yoga is not about stretching limbs and making heinous postures. It’s about how well you understand your body and communicate with yourself. There are several prerequisites before you spread the yoga mat on the floor and start working out.


Make sure that anything you are distracted by is not around you. I know that peace exists inside of us no matter what’s happening around us, but since you have to keep your focus on the things that are not seen, it’s important to have a peaceful environment around you. Once, the peace is established, it’s time to put on some suitable outfit.


Experts say that the choice of clothing during yoga can affect performance. If you have already got something like that, that’s better. But I recommend you to have a look at the Alo Yoga review and the activewear wardrobe they are offering. That’s a treat for sure! Plus, the quality of the yoga gear is impeccable regarding the severe force you will imply on your top and trousers. Be careful not to get something too harsh for your body. That may bring embarrassing disaster while you would be unconscious of it!

A Guide

Now you are all set, but you are missing something. That’s right. A yoga guide! That can be a person, a booklet, a video, even a speaker guiding you through the beginning yoga practice. Just pay attention to the yoga guide and let the change embrace you. Also, you must be prepared for such a change. Therefore there shouldn’t be any kind of “it’s killing me” type of situation when your insides squeal due to change.

As you have set the 3 prerequisites of yoga for beginners, it’s time to know what yoga is all about.

The definition of yoga changes from person to person. If you ask people what’s yoga to them, you’d probably have the following answers:

  • it’s a spiritual growth
  • it stretches the muscles
  • it’s good for the heart
  • it increases strength
  • it gives peace

And more.

Yoga does provide these outcomes, but the essence of yoga is the calmness of the mind, soul, and heart. You gather your disturbed self and consciously let go of every noise that’s been shaking you unconsciously. You then feel the spiritual healing when there is absolute peace inside and outside you. This situation is the answer to what yoga really is!

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

There are 8 structural practices of yoga, known as the eight yoga limbs. They focus on the yoga practice, starting from the outer aura to the inner-self. The order is as follows:

  • Yamas OR Moral Restriction
  • Niyamas OR Moral Practice
  • Asana OR Physical Posture
  • Pranayama Breath Control
  • Pratyahara OR Sense Withdrawal
  • Dharana OR Concentration
  • Dhyana OR Meditation
  • Samadhi OR Enlightenment

These 8 limbs of yoga are the stages to the core enlightenment, i.e., the calmness of mind and soul. And it’s not a one-day or a month activity. You must remain consistent throughout your yoga journey and accept the change that’s trying to hack your lifestyle. If you keep yourself from accepting the change, you may never reach the last yoga limb.

To achieve these limbs, each one demands unique practice to get the desired results. That’s why you see people differently performing yoga because you never know which person is working for what outcome.

Concluding the topic, I recommend getting a yoga guide as soon as possible because, in the world of today, it’s not an easy job to find the ultimate enlightenment from anything except yoga.