Eco Wreath, Lanterns, from left: Arana iron lantern (large), £24.99 and (medium), £19.99; Iron brass lantern (31.5cm), £29.99; Coloured glass hurricane lantern (assorted), £12.99; Iron brass lantern (51cm), £54.99.

Wreaths are set to be back and bigger than ever for Christmas 2021, with many using
wreaths to decorate their front doors for the entire winter season, not just for Christmas.
While traditional wreaths tend to be colour and decoration adorned, for those looking for a
more natural and pared back look, Dobbies eco-wreath fits the bill.
Bringing the outdoors in, quite literally, this wild and wonderful wreath adds natural flair to
Christmas décor this season. With no metal or plastic required, flora and fauna can be
foraged from the garden, including earthy greens like Conifers and Pine, while dried summer
flowers are perfect for adding pops of organic colour.
Dobbies Lead Stylist, Rebecca Stanton, commented: “We know our customers love being
outdoors and, in their gardens, so creating your own eco wreath is perfect for our green
fingered friends. Rustic wreaths can be hung on front doors or indoors and add a modern,
fuss-free festive feel, perfect for complementing a whole range of interior styles from country
cottage to minimalist Scandi looks.”
Rebecca explains how to create your eco wreath.
What you need:
● Twine
● Scissors
● Twigs
● Cut/foraged greenery
Step 1: Get the look by gathering twigs together and moulding into a rough hoop shape.
Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be perfect as each wreath should be unique. Secure as you
go with the twine.
Step 2: Time to get creative by using the greenery to make little individual posies and secure
with twine. This is where you can inject pops of colour with flowers – fresh or dried.
Step 3: Next, place each posey on the hoop, securing each one with twine. Layer the next
one on top of the last, to hide where you have tied.
Step 4: Once you have taken the posies as far round as you would like, stop. It’s nice to
leave some of the hoop exposed for a rustic feel.
Step 5: Hang your wild eco wreath and prepare for compliments as you wow your festive

From left: Eco-wreath, Mistletoe & holly collection gift wrap (4m), £3.99; Weaver throw (130cm x 180cm), in grey, £29.99. On table: Beaded dining set items in green and grey, from £9.99; Ravenhead gemstone wine, hi-ball and mixer glasses in smoke, £3.99 each; Green stoneware jug, £24.99; Coloured glass hurricane lantern (assorted), £12.99; Autumnal recycled bottles (assorted, 19.5cm), £7.99; Ivory tapered candles (box of 10), £5.99; Seabuckthorn glitter garland, £12.99. Linen pipe velvet cushion (50cm x 50cm) in olive, £17.99. Behind table: Matt black earthenware vase (30cm), £34.99; Iron brass lantern (31.5cm), £29.99 and (51cm), £54.99; Nordmann premium cut tree (180cm to 210cm), £49.99; Warm white cluster string lights (360), £24.99; Arana iron lantern (medium), £19.99 and (large), £24.99.