Happiness includes a lot more than just an emotion, it tells a lot about a person’s current circumstances such as his wealth, his education, his social status, and his terms with his family and colleagues. Everything a person experiences in his surroundings contributes collectively to his happiness. And if we view the surroundings and environment on a bigger scale, we will find that the happiness of people varies from country to country.

While the citizens of one country are very happy, the citizens of a different country might not be very happy if compared. Without a doubt, the people who live in privileged countries are considered luckier and of course, not without a reason. These countries offer their citizens a great deal of learning, employment, and business opportunities that they often wouldn’t be able to dream of in other countries. Moreover, national security is another concern that satisfies the citizens. Let’s have a look at the study and the nations with the luckiest citizens:

1) Finland

Finland is a small nation which is situated in northern Europe. On one side of it, there’s Sweden. Sweden has been termed as the happiest country in the world thanks to its immaculate education system which lets its citizens pursue high educational and employment qualifications easily. The policies of Finland are very citizen-friendly.

2) Iceland

As appears from the name Iceland is a Nordic island nation that is mostly covered in ice. One great thing about Iceland is that its citizens are very proficient in speaking a lot of different languages. Their language skills are far better than the citizens of another world which further opens the whole world at their disposal for various income and earning opportunities.

3) Norway

A small nation located southwest of Sweden, Norway is a popular tourist destination thanks to its massive mountains, coastal fjords, and beautiful glaciers. It is a very wealthy country with a GDP of $368 billion which increased by approx $20 billion in just one year. The population of Norway is just above 5 million and one can imagine the distribution of wealth there. It is also known as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. As a result, the citizens get an abundance of benefits from the governments and are considered very lucky.

4) Luxembourg

This small, beautiful nation still makes an impact on the world. However, thanks to its richness, Luxembourg is one of the luckiest countries in the world and its faster-growing economy puts a huge positive impact on the lives of its citizens. Did you know that the people of Luxembourg own the most number of cars per person? Luxembourg was also among the first European countries to allow same-sex marriage.

Now, we can see that each and every nation strives to give its citizens the best kind of life they deserve. However, a few of them really excel in providing such amenities and facilities that bring them to the top of the list.