The European Football Championship, known as (EURO) is one of the largest world tournaments in soccer. This championship is held every four years, so it still retains its old name (EURO 2020) to maintain the championship schedule and hold the next edition in 2024. Although many experts believe that this is a miserable attempt to ignore the effects of the Corona virus!

Euro 2020 will be held in 11 European cities and attended by 24 teams, which is a completely new experience for viewers as well as sports teams. Portugal won the previous title, although France, Belgium, Italy and England are the favourites to win. But Ronaldo and his companions were able to achieve the surprise!

According to the FIFA rankings, Belgium has more chances than France to win this tournament; This is because France will have to play a tough match against the defending champions Portugal, who have the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo! In addition, France will also face Germany who has been in the final of the European Championship twice, yet France managed to beat Germany in the semi-finals of the previous tournament! So, trying to predict which team will qualify from this group can be more difficult than predicting the winner of the title!

To make the task of predicting the winning team easier for you, we will introduce the best betting odds in this tournament.

3 Players Likely to Shine in Euro 2020

Many players will likely shine during Euro 2020 and help their teams qualify for the next rounds and even win the championship.

Betting on the scorers can be much easier than betting on the teams since you will be able to predict the performance of the players from their statistics in the previous matches. Many sports betting sites offer the sorcerer betting market, the most likely players to win this title are:

  • Harry Kane (England national team)
  • Romelu Lukaku (Belgium national team)
  • Kylian Mbappe (France National Team)

Which Teams Will Likely Qualify From Each Group?

Besides betting on the best players in the tournament, you can also bet on which teams are likely to move up from each group.

The teams participating in this tournament are classified into 4 groups, each group includes 4 teams. The first two teams from each group qualify as well as the best 4 thirds in all groups. Therefore, 16 out of 24 will qualify. Here are our predictions for the qualified teams for the next round:

  • First group: Turkey, Italy, Wales, and Switzerland – the teams likely to qualify are Italy and Switzerland.
  • Second group: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and Russia – the teams likely to qualify are Belgium and Denmark.
  • Third group: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia – the teams likely to qualify are the Netherlands and Austria.
  • Fourth group: England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic – the teams likely to qualify are England and Croatia.
  • Fifth group: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia – The teams likely to qualify are Spain and Sweden.
  • Sixth group: Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany – the teams likely to qualify are Portugal and Germany.

Where Euro 2020 Will be held?

The Euro 2020 will be held in 12 European cities, namely:

  1. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.
  2. Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.
  3. Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
  4. Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
  5. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark
  6. Glasgow, the capital of Scotland
  7. London, the capital of England
  8. Munich, the capital of Germany
  9. Rome, the capital of Italy
  10. Saint Petersburg, the capital of Russia
  11. Seville, the capital of Spain

The Most Important Statistics About Euro 2020

  • In the last three editions of the EURO Championship, the favourite teams won less than 50% of all the matches they played! This means that the underdogs have great chances of winning, given that surprises were always present in Euro 2020!
  • The underdog teams win 28 finals out of 113 matches.
  • In 6 finals out of a total of 15 finals, teams went into extra time.
  • During the group stage, a tie is a good betting option.
  • According to most sports betting sites, England is likely to win by 53%, Croatia is likely to win by 27% and Italy is likely to win by 20%. Note that these odds are in place in the current time, and are subject to change as the tournament progresses.
  • If any of Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling or Marcus Rashford get an injury, England’s chances of winning the championship will decrease and the chances of Croatia and Italy will increase.

Should You Bet on the Underdog or the Favorite?

Although a lot of novice bettors will immediately reply “I bet on the favourite for sure” professional bettors know that there are no underdogs in EURO especially in the advanced stages! Therefore, you should collect all possible info and statistics about the matches to place an accurate bet. Also, you should choose a popular bookmaker to get the best and highest odds for your bets, you can see full list here.


All sports bettors aim to make a profit and it is the same goal that sports betting sites as well! So, they will always adjust the result with each new match played, the task of each bettor here is to look for the best odds to bet on the European Championship.