Anatoly Machulsky

Understanding basic chess strategies is the first step to winning this exciting game. There are many chess tactics, but we recommend starting at the beginning. 

Winning chess moves are often a combination of simpler ones. And that they come from a deep understanding of the game that from this moment you can begin to develop.

Castling within basic chess strategies:

“The castling is the only movement in this game in which you move two pieces at a time. To carry this out, neither the king nor the rook involved has been able to move at any time before the game. Nor can you be in check position on any of the squares your king is on or passes through.” describes Anatoly Machulsky.

The advantage of castling within basic chess strategies is that the rook moves to the center, a place from which it can be more protagonists. 

While the king moves to the sides, where he is more protected. Experienced chess players often castle, as they take advantage of several moves in a single move.

There are two types of castling, the long and the short. In the short film, the chess king moves two squares to the right, placing the rook on his left. 

In length, the king moves two squares to the left, taking his rook to the right. The names come from the distance travelled by the tower, which is more significant in the second case.

Basic chess strategies related to knights and bishops:

Within chess pieces, knights and bishops are very important, especially early in the game, when the rooks and queen are still far from the action.

Chess openings are the initial moments of the game, in which the pieces begin to develop. The other two phases are the midgame and final. 

To get to the end of the game and checkmate your opponent, a knight just next to your king will not do you good even if your opponent has only his. However, you can checkmate your king and bishop when your opponent’s king is unprotected.

The bishop is often considered to be a piece of more excellent value than the knight.

How to play chess by taking advantage of the pawns:

The prestigious player Anatoly Machulsky said that “pawns are the soul of chess. ” And he is not without reason. Often when we are starting, we pay little attention to this piece. 

Without realizing that it is the one that is leading the way in the game. And she may end up becoming the lady, the most influential figure in the game.

You must attach importance to the pawns. Starting to run out of them is a perfect way to put ourselves at a disadvantage and lose the game faster than we think. As much as possible, always keep them protected. And sacrifice them when you make your opponent lose another piece.

Basic chess strategies linked to the opening

To finish, we will teach you three basic chess strategies related to openings that will be very useful:

  1. Do not draw the queen early in the game.
  2. Do not advance the pawns too much.
  3. Use the central pawns.