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Study Reveals Link Between Screen Time And ‘weak Communication Skills’ For Kids – But Outdoor Play Is The Answer

GO Outdoors is encouraging families to step outside this spring, as outdoor play can reduce the negative impacts of screen time on children by 20 per cent


Children who have lots of screen time are more likely to have poor communication skills, according to new research – but outdoor play may be the solution.

Researchers at Osaka University in Japan found that outdoor play mitigates the negative effects of screen time on daily living skills by 20%.

The study, published in the journal JAMA Paediatrics, stated that tots with a higher amount of screen time are more likely to have weaker communication skills at age four.

To help children step away from the screens and improve their development, GO Outdoors is encouraging families to prioritise outdoor play as a simple solution to mitigate some of these negative impacts of screen time.

Rich Ewbank, Content Manager GO Outdoors, said “We recognise that spending time outdoors can be hugely beneficial for our wellbeing, and that’s no different for children, who are spending more time than ever indoors and in front of screens.

“The outdoors can be a tool for developing communication and practical skills and spending more time outside can help to kickstart a lifelong love for adventure from a young age.

“Since many children have yet to discover their love for the outdoors, here are our Top 10 exciting activities for the family to enjoy this spring.”


  1. Family bike rides

Family bike rides are a great way to keep active and adventure further outdoors. As well as numerous health benefits, you’ll also get the chance to  explore new areas, regardless of the weather.


  1. Wildlife walks

Local walks are a great way to spot exciting wildlife. Why not take a notepad or camera to see how many animals you can spot on your next walk? Who knows what you’ll uncover when venturing through wildlife.


  1. Go climbing 

Climbing is fun at any age. Whether you’re traversing the bottom branches of a tree or skipping over rocks, climbing is an amazing adventure accessible to anyone.


  1. Skimming stones

A childhood staple, this activity may be lost on the current generation of children. Teach young ones how to skim stones at the local lake or river, challenging them to increase their number of skips each time.


  1. Get creative with nature

As the seasons start to change and flowers begin to bloom, the colours, textures and sights of spring offer inspiration for artistic children. You could create a scrapbook from the things you find on a woodland walk, draw bugs you uncover on your adventure, or use flowers and leaves to create artwork.


  1. Explore your local area

Engage your family in your local area by doing some research on exciting things to see and do near you. You may uncover the area’s hidden history or an interesting myth connected to where you live, helping little ones love where they’re growing up even more.


  1. Build a secret den

Create a secret woodland base with your family, scavenging for the best building materials. Children will feel challenged to construct their dream den, plus they’ll have a wilderness hideout to play in afterwards.


  1. Snap the best of spring

Capturing spring adventures is easy! You don’t need an expensive camera, just take a snap of the things you find and the memories you make in the great outdoors. You can even challenge the kids to create the silliest poses.


  1. Learn about the weather

One thing that’s guaranteed about the British weather in spring is that it’s unpredictable. This season is a great chance to learn more about the weather and how the seasons can affect it, and what better way to do so than by getting outdoors?


  1. Give nature a home

Cold weather and unpredictable rain can cause nature to hunker down in your garden. Why not try creating a bug hotel, putting up a bird feeder and creating corridors for creatures to pass in and around your garden easily.


To ensure that children are wrapped up and ready to spend time outdoors, check out GO Outdoors’ children’s clothing and footwear range: https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/childrens/

Amazon Prime Video Secret Codes That You Can Use in 2023

prime codes

If you’re a Amazon Prime Video user, you know the feeling of endless scrolling while looking for something we bring you prime video secret codes of 2023 to use the platform like magic wind. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve seen everything, and you can’t find anything new that catches your interest.

But what if we told you there’s a way to unlock hidden categories, secret movies, and TV shows that are not displayed on the main page? Introducing Prime Video Secret codes, the secret trick to discovering new content on Prime Video.

Prime Video Secret codes are specific URLs that lead you to hidden categories on the platform. These hidden codes work like a search filter, providing particular genres and sub-genres that aren’t always easy to find through the regular search feature. By entering these codes into your web browser, you can access hidden categories and unlock a new world of movies and TV shows.

Using Prime Video Secret codes is simple. All you need to do is enter a specific URL into your web browser, which will take you to a hidden category. For example, if you want to explore “War Movies,” enter the ” WAR M” URL into your web browser, which will take you directly to the hidden category. You can also try using different combinations of numbers in the URL to discover other invisible types.

The platform doesn’t officially support Prime Video Secret codes, but plenty of websites have compiled a list of Secret codes you can use. Some of the most popular websites that offer Prime Video cheat codes are “What’s on Prime Video,” “Prime Video-Codes,” and “Reelgood.” These websites provide a comprehensive list of Secret codes that you can use to discover hidden categories on Prime Video.

List Of Amazon Prime Video Cheat Codes

  1. Action Movies = “AC”
  2. Adventure = “ADV”
  3. Animation = “ANI”
  4. Biographical = “BIOG”
  5. Comedy =  “COM”
  6. Crime = “CRI”
  7. Documentary = “DOCU”
  8. Drama = “DRA”
  9. Family = “FAM”
  10. Fantasy = “FANT”
  11. Historical = “HIST”
  12. Horror = “HOR”
  13. Musical = “MUS”
  14. Mystery = “MYST”
  15. Romance = “ROM”
  16. Science Fiction = “SCF”
  17. Sports = “SPOR”
  18. Thriller = “THRI”
  19. War = “W”
  20. Western = “WES”
  21. Anime = “ANI”
  22.  Cartoon = “CART”
  23. Business = “BUS”
  24. Lifestyle = “LIFE”

Why Use Prime Video Secret Codes?

Using Prime Video Secret codes is an excellent way to discover new content on the platform. With so many movies and TV shows available, getting lost in the endless scroll is easy.

You can find hidden gems that you might not have discovered otherwise by using Secret codes. Additionally, Secret codes provide an efficient way to search for specific genres or sub-genres, making it easier to find content that matches your interests.

Prime Video Secret codes are a simple yet effective way to discover hidden categories and unlock new content on the platform. By using Secret codes, you can find movies and TV shows you might not have located otherwise and search for specific genres and sub-genres more efficiently. You might be surprised by the new content you discover.

Meet the co-chairs of Centrepoint’s growth board

Centrepoint, the UK’s leading charity committed to tackling youth homelessness, signalled its future intent with the appointment of British entrepreneur Javad Marandi and financier Jamie Reuben as co-chairs of its growth board in 2021.

At a time when many charities were struggling with reduced incomes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Centrepoint began an ambitious new phase of its work.

As co-chairs, the duo will expand the growth board to garner public and private sector support and ensure the delivery of Centrepoint’s flagship Independent Living Programme.

It’s hoped this exciting initiative will be truly transformative when it comes to tackling homelessness across the UK.

An innovative new approach

Centrepoint’s Independent Living Programme represents a step-change in housing and employment provision for young people at risk of homelessness. The charity is currently constructing 300 affordable housing units for young people in London and Manchester.

To be eligible, disadvantaged individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 must first secure employment through the Centrepoint Work Scheme, an established initiative that provides essential skills, training, and job-finding support.

Employers who sign up offer a stepping stone to employment for underprivileged young people, who are given assistance with the transition.

Once they are employed, these individuals are then able to apply for housing through the Independent Living Programme. It provides them with stable, long-term accommodation, with rent that is capped at a third of their salary. This is likely to be a substantial discount on the current market rent for new tenants in both London and Manchester.

With sufficient investment, land and employer support, the ultimate goal is to expand this initiative to provide 30,000 homes across the UK.

“The Independent Living and Centrepoint Works programme represent fresh thinking and provides a creative solution, which can go some way to improving the prospects of those that need it most while establishing a workable model that can be significantly expanded in the future”, said Marandi.

Reuben agreed, stating: “In a time of growing uncertainty and with unemployment on the rise, it is vital that young people have a safe place to call home and a secure job to sustain themselves financially. It is an honour to be part of a programme making this a reality and ensuring young people are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential.”

A wealth of experience

The appointment of Marandi and Reuben brings a wealth of strategic and commercial experience to the organisation.

Marandi came to the UK as a teenager when his family fled persecution following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and is one of the country’s leading businessmen and philanthropists.

With extensive experience in business development, Marandi, who also owns Soho Farmhouse and Anya Hindmarch, will lead Centrepoint Works. This restructured jobs, skills and training will be delivered to more than 1,200 young people every year and will look to secure more than 200 jobs and apprenticeship opportunities.

Jamie Reuben is one of the UK’s leading financiers and his interests include co-ownership of Newcastle United Football Club.

Two such high-level appointments by the charity reflect the ambition of the programme.

Both men have a reputation for deal-making and delivery. They also possess a range of skills and connections that have now been put at the service of Centrepoint as they look to expand their services to young people.

This commercial experience, when allied with the charity’s reputation for building and managing tenancies, represents a firm foundation for future growth.

An investment opportunity

It’s hoped that over time the Independent Living Programme will become more commercially viable and attractive to investors while helping to provide young people with stability and opportunities.

It is already generating yields that are consistent with current commercial rates. As the scheme receives more support in the form of expertise, land, property, and income, the costs of construction become more affordable, and the yield grows.

Centrepoint anticipates the yield will eventually reach two to three times the current rates, which will make it highly appealing to investors, including pension and investment funds, from all backgrounds.

The appointment of Marandi and Reuben to such high-profile roles within the programme can serve to boost that investment case even further.

7 Netflix Secret Codes That Are Searched Most in 2023

Netflix has become a staple in households worldwide, providing endless hours of entertainment for its subscribers. But did you know that there are hidden categories and movies that you may not have access to? You can unlock these hidden gems and expand your viewing options by using Netflix secret codes and below are the most searched netflix cheat codes of 2023.

Netflix secret codes are essentially a series of numbers that can be added to the end of the Netflix URL to unlock hidden categories and movies. Each code is specific to a particular category or movie genre, allowing you to find content that may not be readily available through the main Netflix interface.

netflix cheat codes

Using Netflix secret codes is simple. All you have to do is add the code to the end of the Netflix URL. For example, if you want to access the “Classic Comedies” category, the code is 31694. To access this category, you must add the code to the end of the Netflix URL like this: https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/31694. Once you enter the URL, the hidden category will be revealed, and you can start browsing for movies and shows.

Most Searched Netflix Secret Codes 2023

Here are some of the most popular Netflix secret codes you need to know:

  • Action & Adventure (1365) If you’re a fan of adrenaline-pumping action movies, this is the category for you. From epic battles to heart-stopping car chases, the Action & Adventure category has it all.
  • Anime (7424) Anime fans will be delighted to know that there’s a dedicated category for their favorite genre. From popular series like Naruto to lesser-known gems like Samurai Champloo, the Anime category has something for everyone.
  • Classic Comedies (31694) If you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned laughs, the Classic Comedies category is the place to be. From Charlie Chaplin classics to Mel Brooks masterpieces, this category has a wide range of comedies from the golden age of cinema.
  • Documentaries (6839) If you’re looking for something more informative, the Documentary category is a great place to start. From true crime stories to nature documentaries, there’s something for everyone in this category.
  • LGBTQ+ Movies (5977) Netflix has a great selection of LGBTQ+ movies, but they’re not always easy to find. By using the LGBTQ+ Movies secret code, you can access a wide range of movies that celebrate diversity and inclusion.
  • Romantic Movies (8883) Looking for a movie to watch on date night? Look no further than the Romantic Movies category. This category has everything you need from classic rom-coms to tear-jerking dramas for a cozy night in.
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1492) If you’re a science fiction and fantasy fan, this is the category for you. The Sci-Fi & Fantasy category has something for everyone, from time-traveling adventures to magical quests.

By using Netflix secret codes, you can unlock a whole new world of movies and shows that you may not have even known existed. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic comedy or a heart-stopping action movie, there’s a hidden

Railway Group D Waiting List Campaign Trends On Twitter

railway groupd waiting list

The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) students have recently started a twitter trend #railway_groupd_waiting_do to reach goverment regarding Railway Group D exam waiting list the trends continues from morning 9 AM and students have already posted over 400,000+ Tweets. Candidates who have appeared in the exam and eagerly awaited the results can now check their status.

The Railway Group D exam is one of the most popular exams conducted by the Indian Railways to recruit eligible candidates for various posts in the railway department.

But now, due to the delay in railway vacancies and about compulsary waiting list all the students have started a campign called #railway_groupd_waiting_do at febuary 25th 9 AM to reach government and railway deparment to present all their demands due to delay in process.

Demands Of The Students

  1. Clarification on DV Result & Cutoff
  2. clarification on Reservation criteria Rule
  3. All RRC DV Category wise Result & Cutoff
  4. Want Waiting list Ratio 1:1.5

As per the latest update, the Railway Group D waiting list has not been released by the RRB on its official website. Candidates who have cleared the exam but were not selected in the first round can now check their status in the upcoming waiting list. The waiting list will be prepared based on the vacancies available and the preference of the candidates.

Follow some simple steps to check your status once list is live in Railway Group D official website. Firstly, visit the official website of the RRB and navigate to the “Results” section. Then, click on the link for the waiting list and enter your roll number and other necessary details. Your status in the waiting list will be displayed on the screen.

It is important to note that the waiting list is only valid for a limited period. If any of the selected candidates do not join the railway department, the candidates in the waiting list will be allowed to fill the vacant positions. Therefore, the candidates should keep a close eye on the updates and notifications not released by the RRB.

In conclusion, the release of the Railway Group D waiting list will bring a ray of hope for many candidates who were eagerly waiting for the results. It is an excellent opportunity for the candidates to secure a position in the railway department and serve the nation. We wish all the candidates the best of luck for their future endeavors and hope government and railway department will clarify all the issues of the students.

How Can Women Have It All? M & Gaucho Celebrate International Women’s Day With ‘Becoming More Human’ Live Podcast Panel

In celebration of International Women’s Day (8th March), join Rare Restaurants at Gaucho Piccadilly for a special live podcast recording of Becoming More Human, hosted by presenter and founder of 29 London, Francesca Gamble.

Joining Francesca and defining what it means to have it all in today’s world will be the following guests:

  • Resident DJ at M Restaurants & Founder of We Are Superfoxx, Krystal Roxx
  • Commercial Editorial Director at Stylist Magazine, Susan Riley
  • Co-Founder and Head of Brand at Glass Half Full, Immy Agnew
  • Marketing Director at Beyond Retro, Francesca Sieler

Taking a deep dive into the lives and careers of these four fantastic female guests, Francesca will unearth how they got to where they are and the highs and lows along the way, asking the question: how can women have it all?

Kicking things off at 6pm with a welcome Wonder Woman cocktail, made with Finlandia Vodka, Chambord, lime and pomegranate, the live recording will start at 6.30pm. Tickets cost £15, or £10 for those working in the hospitality industry, plus all ticket holders will be invited to stay and dine following the live recording with an exclusive 25% discount on Gaucho’s à a carte menu.

To book, visit Eventbrite.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Images Trends On Web

leaked pictures

The Wisconsin Volleyball Team is one of the most successful collegiate volleyball teams in the United States, with a record of 1253-352-2. However, after releasing leaked images, the team has recently been involved in controversy.

These images have caused a lot of uproar, and many fans and supporters of the team are now wondering how the team can recover from this scandal. This article will discuss the leaked images scandal and its impact on the Wisconsin Volleyball Team. We will also recommend how the team can recover from this scandal.

The Wisconsin Volleyball Team is based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where it has been playing since 1974. The team has won 7 Big Ten Conference Championships and 12 appearances in the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament. The team has also produced several Olympians, including Lauren Carlini and Dana Rettke.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team

The team is led by head coach Kelly Sheffield, who has been with the team since 2013. Under his leadership, the team has continued to thrive, consistently ranking among the top teams in the nation.

In early 2022, pictures allegedly belonging to members of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team were leaked online. These images depicted the players in various states of undress and engaging in activities that are not appropriate for a college sports team.

The images quickly went viral, and there was a lot of outrage from fans and supporters of the team. The University of Wisconsin-Madison immediately launched an investigation into the matter, and the players involved were suspended from the team pending the study’s outcome.

The leaked pictures scandal has significantly impacted the Wisconsin Volleyball Team. The team’s reputation has been tarnished, and many fans and supporters have lost faith in the group. The scandal has also affected the team’s performance on the court, as several key players have been suspended.

The scandal has also had financial consequences for the team. Sponsors and donors are less likely to support a team involved in such a scandal, and the team may lose out on important funding.

Recovering from a scandal like the leaked images scandal is never easy. Still, there are several steps that the Wisconsin Volleyball Team can take to regain its reputation and the trust of its fans and supporters.

First, the team needs to take responsibility for its actions. This means publicly acknowledging the mistake and apologizing for any harm caused. It also means taking steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future, such as implementing stricter social media and behavior policies for players.

Second, the team must be transparent about addressing the issue. This means being open about the investigation and the steps being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.


Third, the team must rebuild its relationships with its fans and supporters. This means engaging with them on social media and other platforms, and being responsive to their concerns and feedback. It also means being active in the community and showing that the team is committed to making a positive impact beyond the volleyball court.

Finally, the team needs to focus on its on-court performance. This means working hard in practice and games, and striving. Hope the team wins more matches in the future.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Doubling Machine Production Capacity In China

Solar-powered Ningbo factory expansion underway, boosting production capacity for Asian markets and catering to rising demand for higher tonnage moulding machines up to 1,500 ton clamp force.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag China has hosted a groundbreaking ceremony in the presence of local political figures at its Ningbo site, welcoming the start of construction for its new 4,000 square metre production hall. Attended by the mayor and city councillors from the Beilun district, CEO Pietro Scattarreggia marked the occasion announcing that the bigger facility sets the path for future growth, creating 50 new jobs and doubling production capacity.

Granted permission to commence construction towards the end of 2022, Scattarreggia reports that the new facility is set to open in autumn 2023 to coincide with the Group’s 25th production anniversary in China. Putting into context the enormous market potential, the CEO affirmed that the Asian market in general, particularly automotive and electromobility in China, is booming. “Having experienced the strongest performance in the company’s history in 2021 and subsequent economic slowdown last year as a result of coronavirus policy restrictions, the future outlook remains very positive,” Scattarreggia confirms.

The expansion of the Ningbo production hall not only gives the team more space to manufacture more machines, but also expand production to include the larger tonnage Systec Servo machines. “Until now, our production has been limited to machines with clamp forces up to 1,000 tons. Given the demand for larger precision components, being able to extend our product portfolio up to 1,500 tons means we can drastically reduce delivery times for customers in China and Asia,” reports Scattarreggia. He cites this above all else as the strategic rationale for the expansion.

With its hybrid drive concept, the Systec Servo series, characterised by its absolute precision, excellent stability and durability, offers manufacturers of automotive, white goods and consumer components a powerful and energy efficient system. With full process integration for flexible and versatile production of larger components.

The Systec series is ideally suited to these processing requirements, reports Scattarreggia. To support the manufacturing of these larger and heavier machines, the Ningbo production hall is installing stronger cranes. 

Additionally, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag China remains committed to reducing its production carbon footprint. An installation of a new solar system measuring 7,000 square metres last September means that the facility can operate virtually independent of the local energy supply, claims the CEO. 

In recent years, many production sites in China have felt the impact of power rationing. With a solar source, the Ningbo facility will no longer be affected by future rations. “This is of great significance for production stability,” ends Scattarreggia.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up our top picks of beautiful gifts – from luxury tea to gâteaux and champagne – all available for nationwide delivery.  


Give the gift of a thousand rose petals with Lanique Spirit of Rose, the World’s Best Floral Liqueur*. Made from Attar of Rose – the pure essence of rose which, gram for gram, is more valuable than gold itself, Lanique is a completely natural spirit with aromas of delicate rose, fresh raspberry and cherry, with hints of Turkish delight and is available in 5cl, 50cl and 70cl bottles. Utterly delicious with champagne, serve chilled in your very best glassware. Heading out for the day? Try Lanique’s elegant new cocktail cans, Lanique Rose Fizz (250ml, 6% ABV) and Lanique Rose Spritz (250ml, 5.5% ABV).  

To shop, visit www.lanique.co.uk 


Hattingley Valley 

The perfect celebratory sparkling wine to toast and gift this Mother’s Day, the award-winning Blanc de Blancs 2014 (£41.50) is made using only the finest chardonnay grapes. A delicious sip or considered gift, this deliciously fruit and honeyed wine, with its pastry and brioche notes, has well-balanced acidity and is perfect for enjoying with dishes including a charcuterie board laden with slices of salami and prosciutto. The Blanc de Blancs is available to purchase in a gorgeous gift box (£46.50), or as a magnum (£120). For a stunning still alternative, the STILL Rosé 2021 (£17) is a real must for Mother’s Day lunch!  

To shop, visit hattingleyvalley.com 


Mariage Frères  

Whether you’re looking to help mum elevate her everyday cup or for the perfect blend for a celebratory afternoon tea, luxury French tea brand Mariage Frères has over 1,000 varieties to choose from. From the new Sakura, Sakura!®, a green tea delicately flavoured with a blooming cherry blossom fragrance (£27 for 80g) to the Marias in Love® blue tea infused with red fruits and cinnamon (£25 for 30 muslin tea bags), there’s something to suit every palate.  

To shop, visit www.mariagefreres.com/UK/welcome.html 


Searcys Gifting Range  

Treat the mum in your life with a gift from Searcys. The British brand’s Selected Cuvée Brut (£69) and Rosé (£72) have been expertly developed by champagne specialists and come in a beautiful gift box with Searcys’ elegant champagne flutes. Tea-lovers should look to the fine bone china Signature Teacup Set (£80), made in partnership with William Edwards of England and finished with 24-karat gold, honeycomb detailing. All gifts come in Searcys signature blue and gold honeycomb-patterned gift boxes with a bespoke message.  

To shop, visit www.searcys.co.uk/gifts. 



Patisserie Valerie  

Make Mother’s Day the sweetest day of them all with Patisserie Valerie’s limited-edition treats. Indulge in the decadent Mother’s Day Gateau, the perfect table centrepiece for the whole family, or raise a toast to the occasion with a Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea jam-packed with freshly baked scones, delicious profiteroles, and red velvet, mini berry, and mango and passionfruit mini cake slices. Pre-order online from 15th February with nationwide delivery available from 8th March. 

To shop, visit www.patisserie-valerie.co.uk 


Stein’s at Home by Rick Stein  

Spend some quality time catching-up over carefully crafted Afternoon Tea (£45, serves two) with a host of sweet and savoury treats including speciality salmon quiche and tomato chutney sausage rolls, or opt forA Treat For MumFrom CornwallHamper(£40) inspired by Rick’s travels with an array of goodies such as Sicilian lemon shortbread, chipotle nuts, chocolate caramel sea salt. Jill Stein’s Porthdune collection is also perfect for pampering mums – choose from the Bathing Gift Set (£67.95) with natural bath salts containing essential oils, organic luxury soap and fragrant hand and body wash, or smaller gift sets of nourishing hand and body lotion (£19.95). 

Available from 23rd February until 25th March.  

To shop, visit shop.rickstein.com  

Kevin Samuels Daughter Net Worth: About The Famous Vlogger

Kevin Samuels Daughter

If you’re one of the millions of viewers of Kevin Samuels on YouTube, you might have been curious about his daughter’s wealth. After all, Samuels is a well-known and contentious platform designer renowned for his “tough love” counsel for both men and women. In this post, we’ll examine Kevin Samuels’ daughter to learn the full extent of her financial networth 2023.

Let’s take a quick look at Kevin Samuels before we explore the subject. Samuels is a seasoned image consultant and life coach who gained notoriety on YouTube by giving his followers direct, frequently contentious advise. He has a sizable social media following and has been on Fox News and The New York Times, among other news sources.

Kevin Samuels is a successful entrepreneur who makes a good living from his various business enterprises, but we’re not here to discuss his net worth. Yet the subject of this post, which has drawn a lot of interest online, is his daughter’s net worth.

Kevin Samuels has casually referenced his daughter in a few of his YouTube videos and podcast episodes. Still, he hasn’t given much information about her or revealed who she is. With her father’s connections and experience in the field, several fans have hypothesised that she would work in entertainment.

Despite the curiosity in the daughter of Kevin Samuels and her wealth, there is no trustworthy information on this subject. It is unknown what she works for a living or how, if any, she has amassed fortune. No proof exists that she even has a sizable net worth.

Kevin Samuels’ daughter’s net worth can be around $3 million, Kevin Samuels has a huge YouTube following, and his followers are compelled to know about his personal life. Samuels is a divisive figure because of his tough-love attitude to relationships, and some individuals can look for any chance to criticise him or his family.

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