Mothers are someone who can fight against the world to see a smile on your face. She can do anything and everything to give you the best life. Selfless love is what we call it! No one can be like her.

Everyday should be a special day for our Moms. We must love and respect her, help her with small things and do everything to make her happy. However, Mother’s day is a special day and this day should be extra special for our mom. Let us talk about beautiful happy mothers day flowers that are meant to bring a big smile on her face. We have come up with a list of flowers and the significance of them. Are you ready?

Flowers That Speaks Volume On Mother’s Day

1. Carnations

Topping on the list of beautiful happy mothers day flowers are the dainty spring blooms known as carnations.  These beauties are officially the Mother’s Day Flowers. Carnations symbolize faith and beauty. The traits that these flowers signify are the characteristics of a mother. Carnations also come in a variety of colors, however, the pink one is most commonly given as gifts to mums. This color represents love and gratitude, These pinkish coloured flowers are a fantastic gift to show your mom how grateful you are to have her in your life.

2. Gerbera daisies

A bunch of beautiful Gerbera daisies in a vase in the living room can make the entire space so lively. Do you know these beautiful flowers also hold strong significance? Well! The daisies are a symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty, All these are the traits of motherhood and hence, these flowers are perfect as a gift to your wonderful mother. These flowers are available in various colors, you can either choose one single color for a bouquet or assemble different colors.

3. Tulips

If your mom is ever happy, relaxed and easygoing then tulips are a great choice for her bouquet. Tulips remind us of spring with their bright colors. They represent warmth, comfort, and most importantly, happiness. All these qualities make them a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. If you want to make this day even more special, you can get Mother’s Day flowers along with a cake for her.

4. Lilies

Lilies are another Mother’s Day special flower that represents motherhood and femininity. Just like carnations, pink lilies show admiration and love. The white ones represent purity and respect. Whatever color you pick, lilies are a great way to show your mom how much you appreciate her.

5. Roses

Red roses symbolize passionate love, but are these only meant to be for lovers?  No! They can be given to mom as well! They represent the deep love between a child and their mommy. Did you know that other colors represent different kinds of love too? A bunch of deep pink roses can be given to show your appreciation to your mom. A bouquet of light pink roses stands for happiness, joy, and admiration. Colors like  peach roses symbolizes gratitude and respect, while yellow ones represent friendship between kids and their mummy . You can always count on this timeless flower for Mother’s Day!

6. Hydrangeas

The meaning of these flowers changes based on their color. Blue hydrangeas represent understanding and thanks, pink ones show love and honesty, white ones symbolize goodness and elegance, and purple blooms stand for recognition and plenty. After giving these flowers for Mother’s Day, you can plant them in the garden to enjoy them all year long.

7. Gardenia

Gardenia plants have shiny leaves, which represent clear thinking, self-reflection, and understanding. The perfectly beautiful and white flowers symbolize purity (just like your mom). Did you know during the Victorian times, gardenias were given as a way of saying “you are wonderful” ? These were given to friends or family members to show how wonderful they are and how important they are in your life. Tell Mom how beautiful you think she is by giving her gardenias to plant together! They can be grown inside or outside and have a lovely scent. And since most gardenias come back each year, she will remember your gift every time they bloom.

Flowers are a fantastic gift for moms. Still asking why? Well! Because they are timeless beauty with lots of significance. Another reason they are easily available and do not cost too much. They can beautifully showcase your feelings and make your mumma super happy. Whether it is for a big day or just to make your mumma smile, flowers are a nice and special gift that she will always like. But the best thing about flowers is that they can show feelings without needing words. Whether it is love, care, respect, thanks, or happiness, flowers can say it all in a lovely way.