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Many websites and apps these days require users to verify their mobile phone numbers in order to register with them. This is made to reach a variety of beneficial objectives, including lowering the number of spammers and fraudsters on particular online services. But along with benefits, this feature also entails certain disadvantages for users, primarily related to privacy. Sharing with services your phone number puts you at huge risk in case of data leakage or hack. Moreover, sometimes it is simply not possible to use one as it is unavailable or for some other reason. Online phone numbers can help you to solve these and other issues.

What are online numbers?

Many users who are new to this feature are unaware of what these numbers are. Because of this, some people mistakenly believe that they are difficult to use, if not wholly useless. However, this point of view has nothing to do with reality.

Such numbers are very similar to regular mobile phone numbers that we use on our smartphones every day. They look the same and work in the same way. The only difference is online numbers are used via certain websites and apps. You can take advantage of them with any device that is connected to the internet, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer. This makes it possible to operate these numbers from anywhere around the world.

Furthermore, as we have stated before, online phone numbers help users to maintain greater privacy. There is no need to disclose personal data when it comes to getting and using them. They also cannot be used to identify their users or track their location, not to mention that they are designed solely for receiving SMS from websites and apps, not letting unsolicited texts and calls go through. So, online numbers make it unnecessary to worry about your privacy.

Main benefits

High privacy is only one of the main benefits that such numbers offer their users. There are a few others as well. For example, they are pretty cheap. Typically, one online phone number costs less than $1, which makes it a far more cost-effective option than a SIM card. It is the most reasonably priced virtual telephony solution at the moment In addition to mentioned online numbers:

  • Easy to use. The entire process of using these numbers takes place online and require not more than a few minutes of free time.
  • Can be accessed in any country. Since online phone numbers are provided by appropriate platforms on the web, there is no problem with using their solutions when located anywhere around the world.
  • Have no quantitative limitations on use. Every person can utilize an unlimited number of online numbers regardless of goals.

Overall, numbers of this kind bring to the table numerous advantages. They are suitable for completing all tasks that are about registration on different services and provide great privacy, being a popular tool for KakaoTalk sign up as well as registration on other websites and apps.

How to use online phone numbers to receive OTP?

There is nothing difficult about this. Everyone can get and use online numbers to receive OTP from any website or app within minutes via SMS-Man. This platform offers affordable and easy-to-use solutions for those who want to register for services without their own number. The following are steps for how to buy an online phone number and use it with this company:

  1. Proceed to and create an account.
  2. Top up your balance with any method from the payment page.
  3. Go back to the main page and choose the country where the number’s cellular provider should be located, then find the service from which you need to receive OTP.
  4. Click on the purchase button.
  5. Get online number.

You can use the online phone number to receive OTP right after buying one. Just paste it into the appropriate form on the selected service and request a one-time password. The steps are the same as with a regular phone number.