The NFL remains as the most watched sports league across the United States which has allowed the competition to promote several high-profile star athletes, who are now earning an extraordinary sum of money thanks to their agreed contract with their team of origin as well as their highly noticeable endorsement deals.

All major sports leagues have acquired various deals with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, with these deals now also being tied to the top athletes who are featured in the industry today.

The NFL is one of the world’s most highly touted sporting tournaments and continues to pocket billions of dollars every year which includes some of the top draws that their star players provide throughout the campaign.

These are some of the NFL’ s biggest endorsement earners from players who are currently active, meaning that Tom Brady unfortunately misses out on making this list as he recently announced his retirement from the sport.

  • Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs:

Mahomes is not just winning on the field but is also winning financially with his impeccable deals that the two-time Superbowl champion continues to pocket on a near weekly basis with some of the world’s most influential brands.

Since being drafted into the NFL with the tenth pick in the 2017 class, the NFL has borne witness to the next marquee superstar talent as Mahomes has dominated the scene which has caught the attention of several major brands.

After recently signing a deal with BioSteel (which even includes equity with the firm), Mahomes has enjoyed several impressive payments to appear as an ambassador or as a partner with numerous companies.

Much like all other top sports stars, Mahomes has a monumental contract with a sports fashion brand which includes his agreement with Adidas and even insurance company State Farm where he makes regular appearances in a majority of commercials alongside other sporting stars such as Chris Paul.

Despite being only 27-years old, Mahomes has already entered into NFL stardom and folklore which has helped the Chiefs rank as the quintessential favorite in the latest NFL Futures odds on DraftKings but has also helped Mahomes gain further deals with brand such as Oakly, Bose, DIRECTV and Essentia Water being just a few of the many options.

It is very clear that the now two-time Superbowl champion and MVP is quickly becoming one of the biggest star names in all of professional sports which has allowed the Quarterback to earn a major sum of income through his remarkable contract with Kansas City and even with some of the world’s most lucrative companies.

  • Russell Wilson – Denver Broncos:

Whilst it has certainly been a tough showing for the former All-Pro QB ever since he has arrived in Mile High, Wilson is still one of the league’s most popular players and continues to rack up several major deals.

Russ’ most recognizable endorsement comes with his appearance in various advertisements for popular fast-food sandwich chain ‘Subway’ from which he has frequently helped promote some of the latest items that may now be on the menu.

The former Superbowl champion winner has also established his own firm called which has contributed greatly towards Russ’ millionaire status and his recent fanfare surrounding his departure from Seattle to Denver where he is once again hoping to revitalize his career with a return to form next season.

Whatever opinion most football fans may have directed towards Wilson during his hall of fame worthy tenure in the NFL, there is no denying the sheer amount of wealth that the former third round pick has enjoyed since entering into the league with his latest aspiration being to bring Denver its first Superbowl win in the post-Peyton Manning era.

  • Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys:

Whilst being the starting QB on ‘America’s Team’ can bring several lofty expectations from fans all over the word, it can also bring about numerous aspiring brand endorsements with some truly eye-catching figures.

Prescott has become one of the league’s most beloved players ever since he first entered into the NFL thanks to his unlikely rise to fame, legendary passing success and even his humble attitude which has now allowed Dak to become a household commodity through further commercial promotions.

The most worthwhile deal that Prescott has previously signed was with the Jordan Brand as he famously chose to swap Adidas to the jump man back in 2021, signing a five year contract which also came a few weeks after his first max extension with the Cowboys.

Alongside shoe deals, Prescott has collaborated with other brands such as AT&T, Beats by Dre and 7/11 amongst many other impressive firms which has likely netted him a total amount of between $10-15 million in annual salary from just endorsements alone, not too bad for a player selected with the 135th pick in 2016.