Isolation and loneliness are common feelings among people coping with hoarding disorder. The mess can build up quickly and often takes over the home, affecting visits from family and friends. This is not the only issue, as the clutter can pose a significant health risk to the inhabitants of the property too.

If you or a family member may have a hoarding disorder, it’s important to recognise that you are not alone. Approximately 2-5% of the UK population has been estimated to have a hoarding disorder, however this figure may be even higher.

It can also be extremely difficult to speak up about hoarding, as it is often associated with feelings of guilt and shame, especially if there are other members of the household involved.

“Those with hoarding disorders must be treated with compassion and encouraged should they wish to make a change in their lives,” Jo Powell, head technician of HCU UK, has said. “Parting with treasured belongings can be very challenging, so the final decision on the removal of items should always be with the owner.”

“A discreet hoarder cleaning service should be conducted at a pace that the affected is comfortable with. The goal of the clean is to create a safe and clean environment, one that they can enjoy for years to come. However, their mental wellbeing should be considered at all times.”

Working closely with their clients, HCU UK is a London-based firm employing understanding and fully trained cleaning specialists. As experts in the field, their mission is to help hoarders and their families transform their living conditions and safeguard their health.

Their hoarder cleaning London technicians recognise the risks that clutter can create. These include an increased chance of tripping over objects, objects falling from above, as well as the presence of pests and harmful bacteria

Research has found that adults between the ages of 55 and 94 are three times more likely to be dealing with a hoarding disorder than those between 34 and 44. Unfortunately, this means that it is likely the affected may already be considered vulnerable and at a higher risk of being injured in an accident.

From identifying the issue to organising and conducting the clean-up, HCU UK operates with sensitivity from start to finish. Waste material will be safely and correctly disposed of, followed by a deep decontamination and sanitisation of the area.

With the work completed, you will be free to return to a clean and hygienic environment, one in which you can relax and enjoy with friends and family.

To learn more about how the specialists at HCU UK can assist you, you can visit their website at and fill out their easy online form. Alternatively, you can also call a member of their friendly service team at 0208 0586 425.