Home cleaning pages like The Home Edit and Mrs Hinch generate thousands through social media, new data shows

The top ‘cleanfluencers’ on social media – users who share home cleaning hacks – are making anything from £2k to £10k for every Instagram post they publish, new data has revealed.

Research performed by cordless cleaning brand Gtech shows that the pair who founded Insta channel The Home Edit – Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin – are the highest earners of all; making upwards of £10k per post.

If each post they’ve ever created were priced up at that cost, their lifetime earnings would fetch over £38m (estimated £38,590,594.84).

Another top cleanfluencer is Sophie Hinchcliffe aka ‘Mrs Hinch’, who is currently making around £8,008.58 per Instagram post – ranking her as the highest-earning Brit and most financially successful solo cleanfluencer on the list.

Also on the top ten best-paid list is Marie Kondo who is pulling in around £7,726.36 per post, and ‘cleanmama’ Becky Rapinchuk who is reportedly earning around £2,000 every time she posts on Insta.

Name Instagram handle Estimated earnings per post
Clea Shearer/Joanna Teplin thehomeedit £10,546.76
Sophie Hinchliffe mrshinchhome £8,008.58
Marie Kondo mariekondo £7,726.36
Becky Rapinchuk cleanmama £2,092.06
Ría Safford riorganize £878.51
Kathryn Snearly doitonadime £741.02
Toni Hammersley abowlfulloflemons £718.58
Lynsey Crombie lynsey_queenofclean £714.24
Samantha Pregenzer simplyorganized £704.11
Danielle Dixon housetohomeatlast £667.20
Gemma Bray the_organised_mum £644.05
Nicola Lewis thisgirlcanorganise £477.61
Iryna Federico fromgreatbeginnings £399.46
Megan Hickman lovemeg09 £390.05
Melissa Maker cleanmyspace £335.05

The Home Edit was originally launched in 2015 – with the pair of founders signing up for an eponymous Netflix show five years later that saw post prices catapulted into five-figure territory.

A New York Times bestselling book – The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals – was also published in 2019.

Current stats show that The Home Edit Insta account continues to reign supreme both in terms of price and popularity.

Compared against other top influencers, The Home Edit makes 32 per cent (around £2,500) more per post than second-placed Mrs Hinch.

The Home Edit is also the most popular cleanfluencer account out there today with 5.5 million followers – 1.4 million more than closest rival Mrs Hinch and 1.5 million more than third-highest earner Marie Kondo.

Name Instagram handle Instagram followers
Clea Shearer/Joanna Teplin thehomeedit 5,500,000
Sophie Hinchliffe mrshinchhome 4,100,000
Marie Kondo mariekondo 4,000,000
Becky Rapinchuk cleanmama 727,220
Ría Safford riorganize 305,453
Kathryn Snearly doitonadime 257,051
Toni Hammersley abowlfulloflemons 249,884
Lynsey Crombie lynsey_queenofclean 248,390
Samantha Pregenzer simplyorganized 244,814
Danielle Dixon housetohomeatlast 231,853
Gemma Bray the_organised_mum 223,861
Nicola Lewis thisgirlcanorganise 165,970
Iryna Federico fromgreatbeginnings 138,856
Megan Hickman lovemeg09 134,561
Melissa Maker cleanmyspace 116,382

Gtech’s research also found that accounts with more followers can stand to earn more per post – revealing a clear correlation between popularity and expected income.

The study has calculated that for every two new followers, cleanfluencers can request around an extra £1 per post.

However, having more followers does not correlate with increased frequency of Insta posts – suggesting that the platform favours quality over quantity.

According to Gtech, Instagram users can consider accounts with fewer posts as more credible than those that churn out too much content over a single day.

Mrs Hinch, for example, has posted the least on Instagram out of all the cleanfluencers in the top 10 list. To date, her 4.1 million followers have only seen 282 posts from her handle. However, when she does post, she enjoys better engagement rates (which will help with her bargaining power to request £8k per post).

The same pattern can be seen with The Home Edit and Marie Kondo, where ‘likes’ far surpass frequency of posts.

Name Insta handle Total Insta posts Average likes per post*
Sophie Hinchliffe mrshinchhome 282 433,417
Clea Shearer/Joanna Teplin thehomeedit 3,659 13,313
Marie Kondo mariekondo 1,048 10,863
Kathryn Snearly doitonadime 1,449 5,820
Megan Hickman lovemeg09 1,812 4,846
Lynsey Crombie lynsey_queenofclean 2758 1965
Danielle Dixon housetohomeatlast 1,532 1853
Toni Hammersley abowlfulloflemons 3,945 1739
Iryna Federico fromgreatbeginnings 404 1,415
Ría Safford riorganize 1,145 1,355
Gemma Bray the_organised_mum 1,452 1,048
Nicola Lewis thisgirlcanorganise 987 915
Samantha Pregenzer simplyorganized 1,303 878
Becky Rapinchuk cleanmama 5,138 407
Melissa Maker cleanmyspace 2,330 397

Data accurate as of 9th September 2021                            *Data ordered by most average likes

The data also suggests that the operator of the ‘doitonadime’ account, Kathryn Snearly, could be the next big cleanfluencer to watch out for –  with her posts enjoying big engagement from her 257,051 Instagram followers, meaning she may be able to increase her average earnings upwards from £740 per post.

A Gtech spokesperson commented: “Cleanfluencers are a huge market on Instagram right now – and rightly so! We have all become more house proud since Covid, so why wouldn’t you want to learn how to make your chores more manageable by following a few helpful cleanfluencers who make it fun?

“Likewise, here at Gtech we’re always keen to learn how to make Brits’ cleaning lives’ easier. Our cordless vacuums, for instance, take the stress out of what can be quite a tiresome task, leaving more ‘feet up’ time without scrimping on cleanliness.”

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