Linda Thomas, 56 from Texas, confessed that she has always been fat and has been over 200 lbs since April 1996. 25 long years! You know it has a significant toll on your life when you have kept count of the years.

“I have tried every diet pill and shakes but the weight would always come back after three to four years.” When she started the GLOBESITY FOUNDATION’s Healthy Weight Bootcamp in January 2021, she said that she wanted to do it for GOD, her family, and herself.

One of the immediate results that she reported with her weight loss was the changes in her looks. “My face is way slimmer. I feel good. I have more energy,” she shared in a post. After two months of living the Bootcamp’s Rules, she went down from wearing size 20W to 14W. How did she do this? “Sometimes I do one meal a day and fast once a week or for two days. I also love drinking the green smoothie. It keeps me full.  I’ve lost a lot of inches everywhere thanks to the Healthy Weight Bootcamp & Don Juravin. I couldn’t have done it without their help and support. I’m very happy with my results,” Linda said.

(DISCLAIMER: This article was prepared by GLOBESITY FOUNDATION, a non profit organization 501C3, for inspiration and public knowledge.)


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