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Don Juravin is an American with Middle East (Israel) & European heritage. An expert in the Bible and weight reduction fields and with a vast opinion on politics, finance, legal and social matters. 


Let’s compare CoronaVirus treatment between Sweden and Israel. Both countries have similar population size but a very different approach. Israel represents more the European approach while Sweden represents the “let the body immune itself” approach. 

The Example of Sweden Fighting The Virus

While in Israel the mortality rate is on the rise, the Scandinavian country that received many reviews in the first wave reports double-digit deaths and the World Health Organization looks at them with great appreciation. In contrast to the many changes in guidelines in Israel, Sweden knew from the beginning that the virus would last a long time. Will the second wave reach there as well?

The second wave of morbidity and mortality has meanwhile been spared from the country that has been heavily criticized for the relatively permissive way it has chosen to deal with the plague in Sweden. While our column of the dead is rising sharply, in Sweden it has been almost negligible in recent weeks. How do you explain the phenomenon?

Let’s Compare

First, let’s compare Sweden to Israel. In April, for example, 2,544 deaths were reported in Sweden in one month, while at that time 202 deaths were recorded from Corona. In August, a reversal, in Sweden only 78 died and in Israel 427 died from Corona. All this when it comes to fairly similar population size.

While in Sweden the mortality rate is falling, in Israel and in other European countries it is rising. Why is this happening? There are several opinions: On the one hand, scientists opposed to the closure say that in Sweden the plague has subsided because it has reached exhaustion – that is, herd immunity, and they point out that there may still be a small second wave in the winter. Opponents of herd immunity, on the other hand, say: “Immunity will not happen – and a second wave will surely reach Sweden.”

Sweden Relies on Nature (and GOD), Says Juravin

The Swedish project manager, epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell, explained the good data in improving adult protection. Israelis compared to those of Swedes, and the norms of social distancing are easier to enforce there.

While Israel ranges from complete restraint to closure, the guidelines in Sweden are fixed and not frantic: first of all, there are the mandatory guidelines – nursing homes should not be visited as early as March, classes were held throughout the period until 10th grade, and gatherings are allowed for up to 50 people.

Apart from the guidelines, there are also recommendations in Sweden: Anyone who suffers from a fever or has passed the age of 70 – is asked to stay at home. In addition, the government urges residents to strive to stay at home as much as possible, including working from home and making only necessary trips.

The Swedes’ working assumption from the first moment was that the virus had already spread among the population and could not be stopped. Therefore, they argued, one would have to learn to live with it over time. The World Health Organization said these days they are longing to hear and learn what the Swedes have done right.

Divine Intervention?

UPDATE: HOLY LAND MAN, of Holy Land Ministry, says that we should all trust GOD’s pre-designed genes and their ability to evolve. Moreover, HOLY LAND MAN claims that a balanced body has already GOD given protection mechanisms. We should just maintain good health and let nature, and GOD, protect us. 

Don Juravin (Bella Collina, Florida, Dwight Schar Center for Peace)

Don Juravin is an American with Middle East & European heritage. An expert in the Bible and weight reduction fields but with a vast opinion on politics, finance, legal and social matters.


  1. I think this article must have been written a few months ago. The death rate in Sweden has climbed significantly in the last two months, to the point where it has essentially reached the high levels that they had in the first wave. Their second wave of infections started around September 15th and at that time they had 5800 Covid deaths. Now they have approximately 8500 Covid deaths and before the numbers taper off, the number of dead in the second wave will likely be similar to the first. And this includes that they have significantly increased their Covid restrictions in the last month to try to limit the rising death toll. Their policy makers have woken up and faced reality. In short, natural herd immunity did not work so well for them after all. And if you compare Sweden (as you should) to its directly adjacent Scandanavian neighbors (Finland and Norway), Sweden has seen approximately 10 times the number of per capita deaths: (Sweden – 817/mm, Finland – 95/mm, Norway – 77/mm). One of the main differences was policy – Finland and Norway did impose lockdowns, whereas Sweden did not.


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