The flourishing U.K. energy sector is serving as a catalyst for substantial expansion at Bespoke International Group, experts in omni-channel outsourcing and managed customer services. The company has strategically added several energy brands to its portfolio, delivering a diverse range of sales and customer service solutions. A combination of organic growth and new business ventures has propelled Bespoke’s impressive strides in 2023.

Since its establishment in 2018, the company has emerged as a prominent provider in the energy sector, armed with the requisite expertise and capabilities to assist energy clients in customer retention, enhancing the customer experience, and revenue collection.

Operating from a purpose-built contact center in Durban, South Africa, the company has witnessed a surge in demand for sector-specific services, particularly in areas such as scheduling smart meter appointments and revenue assurance.

Reflecting on recent successes in the energy sector and the current market landscape, Keith Shanks, Sales Director, remarked, “Our reputation for matching service delivery to the ever-evolving needs within the market has underpinned our achievements. The volatility in the U.K. utilities market has meant customers are increasingly looking to manage their energy more effectively. We are at the forefront of meeting this demand through activities such as smart meter installation appointments. Key metrics in terms of, bookings per hour, cost per booking, and minimal cancellations confirm our ability to contribute to a lower cost per installed meter.”

“Bespoke International Group are also delivering vital support with revenue assurance. Our teams are experts at collecting arrears before they become a crystalised debt.
Bespoke is skilled in negotiating manageable payment plans, acting with the utmost empathy especially when dealing with vulnerable customers. The market has recognised that sustained activity in this area is vital to prevent debt from becoming entrenched. Bespoke has approximately 00 specialists delivering these services to its clients.”

In the coming months, Bespoke International Group is set to further expand its client base in the energy sector and seeks collaboration with businesses in need of sector-specific services. The company boasts a UK-based senior team capable of supporting the South African operation, providing invaluable face-to-face consultations during onboarding and throughout the partnership.

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